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About Us

The Reasoning was born out of the collective work of ordinary African Heritage people from the UK and the USA, who are involved in organising for Socio-Economic repair in 2009.

The Reasoning is a grassroots community think tank working to find practical cultural and political solutions to a broad spectrum of issues that are adversely affecting African Heritage people.

Influence by best practice and cautioned by the mistakes made by some of the most promising mass movements in the African Diaspora e.g.

  • Cultural and Political Movements
  • Inner-City Peace and Justice Movements
  • Economic Justice Movements 

The Reasoning was developed to enhance the response to the continuous problem of Institutional Racism/White Supremacy, Social Regression, Economic Retardation and Cultural Erosion faced by African Heritage people in their ancestral home lands and abroad.

The Reasoning seeks to address the inadequacies of existing organisations in finding suitable solutions and innovative approaches to long-term persistent issues. The work of the Reasoning is to ensure the development of African Heritage people’s Cultural, Political and Economic ascendancy in all affairs of human activity through the following –


  • Campaign Development and Management
  • Community Organizing for Freedom & Fairness
  • Educational Development for Cultural Repair
  • Internet Talk Radio with Purpose (Reasoning Internet Radio)
  • Political Analysis to produce Justice
  • Political Engagement Training (Inciting Responsible Democracy)
  • Research and Development Projects
  • Survival Courses and Seminars for Life & Family

We are opposed to elitism, chauvinism and racism (White Supremacy) within our communities and our work.

We reject the traditional ideal which holds intellectual work to be superior to practical work; we view theory and practice to be intrinsically bounded together.